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24 Hour Care After Plastic Surgery
At Your Desired Recovery Location 

Care Provided by a Critical Care Trained RN specialized in post-operative care


My name is Kimberly Codr, RN and I created Plush because I wanted to offer a special kind of postoperative nursing service that is very luxurious and pays attention to every little detail.  The initial days following surgery are crucial for the healing process and overall results. I take a comprehensive approach that helps to speed up healing and optimize your results. I am excited to join you on your journey towards healing and happiness! I will provide all of the support and care that you deserve! 


I provide 24/7 luxury private nursing care in the recovery location of your choice.  My services include everything you need after surgery at an hourly rate! 

  • Pain Management 

  • Transportation After Surgery *** Can be provided Al carte 

  • Manage Drains and Dressings 

  • Reduce Nausea and vomiting  

  • Minimize Bruising and Swelling 

  • Light Meal Prep and Coordination 

  • Nutritional Guidance 

  • Massage therapy



I have teamed up with the best providers in the area to bring you top-notch recovery services and products before and after surgery! As a Plush patient, you will receive a special discount on these high-quality offerings. 



"I work for a high-end Plastic Surgeon and I refer Plush Recovery for our patients. Kimberly and her Team are awesome. Their kindness, communication, and patient care are held to the highest standard.
I received a call today from one of our patients that used Plush services and she raved about them. I will continue to refer to Plush Recovery!"


"What an awesome service! She made it easy on the day of my surgery. Kim was attentive, nice, kind, and considerate. She followed up the next day seeing if I was okay and definitely went the extra mile. I recommend her services to anyone getting surgery."


"Kim has been an incredible help along the way of my recovery from upper blephoplasty surgery. Long after my surgery (before and during as well), Kim reached out and checked in making herself available, even long distance. Since I am an out of state patient Kim and I have communicated via text/email/phone message. She shared her education, tips and healing ideals regarding my recovery.

I appreciate all of the additional effort to make me feel comfortable with recovery, even in the “what the hell did I decide to have done” to “ thank you for letting me be crazy about the mental challenges of healing” she let me go all out in freak out mode and she was a stable stoic friend and nurse.

If you’re having surgery and want to recover with a friend and confidant, make arrangements with Kim to help in your recovery process. Peace of mind, CHECK!

See you next round!


"I highly recommend it!!! I can’t say enough about this small biz woman-owned company. The company knows how to work discreetly and professionally. Communication was perfect, Kim is very educated on the type of care we needed so we could be taken care of in a very prompt manner."


"Kind, compassionate, and efficient. You want Kim on your team, smoothing the way with her knowledge while championing your every step on the road to recovery!"


Step 1

Call or text


Step 2

Book your post-op recovery date with 50% down deposit 

Step 3

Sit back, relax and I will take care of the rest.

Frequent ASKED Questions

Q: How long do patients typically hire me for?

A: 24 - 48 hours

Q: Where do you care for patients?

A: I provide care wherever the patient chooses to recover whether it is in their own home, an Airbnb, or a hotel 

Q: What do I need to do to reserve my recovery date?

A: 50% down deposit is required, and the remaining 50% is due two weeks before the scheduled surgery


Q: Do you provide transportation?

A: Yes! Transportation can be provided as a la carte or combined in the hourly care rate. 

Q: What is included in your services?

A: My services encompass everything you need for a comfortable recovery after surgery. I offer a comprehensive hourly rate, which includes various aspects of care rather than charging separately for each item or service. 

Q: Do you sleep?

A: Yes! I typically adjust my sleep schedule to coincide with the patients sleep pattern 

Q: Do you provide food and drinks?

A: I provide a complementary postoperative snack basket and drinks.  Additionally I am capable of light food preparation as needed. 

Q: Do you travel to care for patients?

A: Absolutely! I hold a compact nursing license that allows me to practice in 41 states. 

Please feel free to reach out 469-521-9585 if you have any further questions! 


24-Hour Luxury Private Nursing After Plastic Surgery 

Everything you need is included in the hourly rate!

Request More Information!

Not all care is created equal! I guarantee to deliver exceptional care that surpasses any post-operative care business in quality and standards.  

We've received your information. Thank you!

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